2021 Key Indicators: Projected Population: 9.4M, Inflation: 17.34%, Annual School Census:2.1M

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna South (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N1,100,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N850, Rice Local:N750, Maize (White):N350, Sorghum(White)N350, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N400, Beans (White, Black Eye):N800,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna North (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N900,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N850, Rice Local:N700, Maize (White):N350, Sorghum(White)N300, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N300, Beans (White, Black Eye):N800,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): State Average (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N989.13,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N876.09, Rice Local:N631.74, Maize (White):N275, Sorghum(White)N276.30, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N311.74, Beans (White, Black Eye):N641.30,  Click for more


Publication date: 23rd March 2017

In 2016, the first KDGDP survey was carried out in the State to understand how the economy of Kaduna State fared from 2013 to 2015. Gross Domestic Product for Kaduna State at the market price was N2,250,344.66 million in 2015 compared to N2,024,099.98 million in 2014 and N1,927,983.65 million in 2013. The GDP grew by 11.18% in 2015 compared to 4.99% growth recorded in 2014 (year on year) in real terms.The study of the economic status in the State for 2016 was carried out in 2017 which shows 15.07% growth rate compared to 2015 at 2,589,486.88 million.

The economy of the State can be well understood when viewed sector by sector. The results clearly show the sectors that contributed more than others and those that grew over the four-year period (2013-2016).

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