Q1 2020 Key Indicators: Projected Population: 8.9M, Inflation: 12.26%, Annual School Census:2.1M

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna North (March 2020): Rice Imported (High Quality): N700, Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N650, Rice Local:N450, Maize (White):N130, Sorghum(White)N120, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N170, Beans (White, Black Eye):N170,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna South (March 2020): Rice Imported (High Quality): N700,ice, Agric (Low Quality): N500, Rice Local:N450, Maize (White):N140, Sorghum(White)N150, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N170, Beans (White, Black Eye):N160,  Click for more

KDBS Launches the 2018 Health Facility Census Report and Analytics Platform on Thursday 9th of July, 2020 by 11:00am. Click on https://hefalaunch.kdbs.ng to view Launch Event

2017 Kaduna State GDP Report

Publication date: 30th November 2018

The Kaduna State Bureau of Statistics has conducted State Gross Domestic Product Survey (SGDP), in collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). This report provides data on annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimate for the year 2017.

The GDP Survey was aimed to express the current economic status of the State using production method of GDP Computation. The key attribute is to provide a reasonable detail of the economy that will help the Government to assess, analyze and monitor economic growth on a regular basis.

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