Q1 2020 Key Indicators: Projected Population: 8.9M, Inflation: 12.26%, Annual School Census:2.1M

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna South (March 2020): Rice Imported (High Quality): N700,ice, Agric (Low Quality): N500, Rice Local:N450, Maize (White):N140, Sorghum(White)N150, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N170, Beans (White, Black Eye):N160,  Click for more


Publication date: 2nd June 2021

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change over time in prices of Goods and Services consumed by people
for day to day living. The construction of the CPI combines economic theory, sampling and other statistical techniques using
data from other surveys to produce a weighted measure of average price changes in Kaduna State Economy. The weighting
occurs to capture the importance of the selected commodities in the entire index. The production of the CPI requires skills of
economists, statisticians, computer scientists, data collectors and others.

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