2021 Key Indicators: Projected Population: 9.4M, Inflation: 17.34%, Annual School Census:2.1M

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna South (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N1,100,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N850, Rice Local:N750, Maize (White):N350, Sorghum(White)N350, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N400, Beans (White, Black Eye):N800,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna North (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N900,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N850, Rice Local:N700, Maize (White):N350, Sorghum(White)N300, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N300, Beans (White, Black Eye):N800,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): State Average (July 2021): Rice Imported (High Quality): N989.13,Rice, Agric (Low Quality): N876.09, Rice Local:N631.74, Maize (White):N275, Sorghum(White)N276.30, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N311.74, Beans (White, Black Eye):N641.30,  Click for more

KDSG launches the ’20/’21 COK Data Science Fellowship Programme

Publication date: 13th January 2021

13th January 2020 – The Kaduna State Government announces the pioneer Click-On Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Programme #DSFP 20/21. The programme is focused on connecting young talented residents of Kaduna State with key data management skills to support the Data Revolution Plan of the state which seeks to use data from various sources for evidenced-based decision making.

With the announcement of the Fellows, they will be taken through practical, hands-on training on the use of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect data on poverty, access to health, education and social inclusion issues and connecting varying data sources to highlight multi-poverty dimensions and how best to reduce it.

The #DSFP programme is launched under the Click-On Kaduna Human Capital Development initiative through a grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at improving the data culture of the state in using data to solve human-related policy and governance issues.

The Fellows are from a diverse background with varying educational qualifications but they are connected through their passion for policy and governance through the use of data.

The Profiles of our Fellows are further provided below

Past/Future Publications