2019 Key Indicators: Projected Population: 8.9M, Inflation: 11.37%, Annual School Census:2.1M

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna North (January, 2019): Rice Imported (High Quality): N500, Rice Local: N380, Maize (White):N110, Sorghum(White)N150, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N200, Beans (White, Black Eye):N400,  Click for more

Market Price watch(**/Sold Loose): Kaduna South (January, 2019): Rice Imported (High Quality): N520, Rice Local: N380, Maize (White):N110, Sorghum(White):N170, Millet(Gero or Maiwa): N150, Beans (White, Black Eye):N350,  Click for more

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KDBS has just concluded its data collection exercise on the KADUNA STATE HEALTH INDICATOR SURVEY (KADHIS) 2018.

P110011: 2015/2016 Annual School Census (ASC)

Publication date: 19th May 2016

The Annual School Census (ASC) is a yearly enumeration exercise of all the schools (Public and Private) in Kaduna State, as well all states of the Federation.Kaduna State Bureau of Statistics as a professional organization and custodian of official statistics led and conducted the 2015/2016 ASC in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The aim of the ACS is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collections from the field


NB** – Please note that datasets are redacted to protect the identity and privacy of enumerators captured in the Annual School Census

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